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The University of Maine's premier all-male acapella group

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What better way to get acquainted than to introduce ourselves?

About Us

Who are the Maine Steiners?

The Maine Steiners were founded in 1958, making them the University’s oldest acapella group. The name of the group was derived from a hit song that was sung by a famous University of Maine alumni, Rudy Vallee (pictured to the left). The song entitled “The Stein Song” has since become the University of Maine school song. Over the course of the past 53 years, the Maine Steiners have released multiple albums, participated in many national and international competitions, traveled overseas, and earned the acclaim of both critics and fans. Over the course of the group’s long and fruitful existence, the Maine Steiners have accrued and perfected a vast and diverse repertoire.


Over the past 53 years, a wide range of musical history has occurred and the Maine Steiners have watched the musical world grow and change. Certain staples within the repertoire of the Maine Steiners reflect the evolution of music to which the group bore witness. For example, the Maine Steiners have clung to their roots by maintaining several “barbershop” style arrangements in their current repertoire. In addition to more classic male a cappella, the Maine Steiners have also arranged multiple modern popular songs, and still perform many hits 

that were popular in the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s. The Maine Steiners have something to offer for every audience member, no matter what their age may be. The Maine Steiners recently recorded an album of fresh, new arrangements in anticipation for their 2017 spring tour, aptly titled “Well Poised”.

Ready for hire!

Want the Steiners to perform for you, or potentially lead a workshop for your students? Feel free to drop us a line! We’re a group who loves to perform, and have done shows ranging from ten to thousands of people. Our diverse repertoire has something for every occasion, so feel free to invite us to your grandmother’s birthday party or your inauguration - we’re always happy to be there! Contact us for more information about rates and what we can provide.